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Application and Training Seminars

sikotec – 3P® Plus Shortliner Process

... is a sewer spot repair method that allows for the sectional, low cost and "trenchless" (without need to excavate the sewer pipe) and remote repair of sewer/underground pipes. It restores leak‐tightness in the short to medium term and provides continued stability of the sewer pipe.

The process is defined under DIN EN 752‐5, the German standard for drain and sewer systems located outside of buildings. The 3P‐Plus Shortliner resin comes with a 5‐year warranty and has a minimum life span of ten years. It is approved by the German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt) until 01.01.2021.

The sikotec- 3P® Plus Shortliner Process is ideal for the repair of cracks (e.g. radial or longitudinal cracks, or a combination) and leaky pipe connections, irrespective of pipe material, provided that the existing pipe system is stable

The process can be used for the restoration of the following types of sewer/ underground pipes:

  • concrete, armoured concrete
  • vitrified clay
  • fibre cement
  • cast iron
  • glass fibre reinforced plastic

with a circular cross‐section of 100 to 700 mm in diameter; as well as for the repair of leaking PVC‐U sewer pipe joints or inspection points.

The sikotec - 3P® Plus Shortliner has a coverage range of 0.4 ‐ 1.4 m in length (depending on the repair bladder used). With cracks longer than the stated coverage range, liners can be overlapped (2‐3 layer construction must not fundamentally be altered). The certification by the German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt) is based on a standard length of approx. 50 cm.

The resin (consisting of component A waterglass and component B resin) is available in the qualities:

  • W1 winter
  • S1 summer
  • W01 turbo

- carrier material: Advantex Optical Fibre Laminate / Bidirectional Optical Mesh Fabric.
The 3P-silicate resins (W1, S1 and W01) can be intermixed to alter the processing and curing times.

A resin‐saturated fibreglass laminate is wrapped around an inflatable repair bladder. Sliding rods, pressurized sliding rods or a lifting jack can be used to position the repair bladder at the damaged area of the sewer pipe (using a surveillance camera if required). The repair bladder is inflated with air and the saturated fibreglass laminate is pressed against the inside wall of the sewer pipe, forcing the excess resin into the damaged area for a long‐lasting seal. Structural load bearing capacity can be achieved with a multi‐layer laminate.
After a two‐hour curing period (at an ambient temperature of 20 °C) the repair bladder is removed from the sewer.
The cooler the ambient temperature in the sewer pipe, the longer the curing period will be; the higher the ambient temperature, the faster the curing/reaction time.
The cured-in-place liner covers the damaged area seamlessly and doesn't restrict drainage. The liner creates a „pipe-in-pipe system" where the liner becomes part of the pipe wall. The repaired wall thickness is >3mm.
After completing the repair work, the sewer pipe is cleaned and visually inspected. The repair site is then checked for leak-tightness.

The User Guide for Components A and B contains important information, such as First Aid measures, required protective gear and more, for the safe handling and application of these products.
For safety and handling information applicable in your country, please
contact us.


sikotec – 3P® Plus Shortliner Process
Training Seminars

In accordance with the requirements of the German Institute of Civil Engineering (DIBt) we offer a comprehensive one-day training seminar.
Training focuses on the following key areas:

  1. The Fundamentals: Resin and Fibreglass
  2. General Training on the Application of the 3P-Plus Liner, Mixing the Resin, Laminating the Fibreglass Mat, Folding the Resin-Saturated Mat, Mounting/Rolling the Mat on the Repair Bladder
  3. Placing the 3P-Plus Liner with the Repair Bladder in the Sewer Pipe
  4. Applying the 3P-Plus Liner

Upon successful completion participants receive a copy of our DIBt certification, as well as the 3P-Plus Shortliner Handbook and a seminar certificate.
Contact us today for the next available seminar date!

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